Cumberland Lakes HOA

P.O. Box 17094 Indianapolis In 46217

On this page you will be able to access information that is documented for Cumberland Lakes HOA only.  Links below are community doc's.

The documents.

  • Define the rights and obligations of both the community association and its owners

  • Create a binding relationship between each owner and the community association

  • Establish the mechanisms for governing and funding the community association’s operations

Advantages of HOAs
HOAs balance their restrictions with advantages. If all the homeowners follow the rules (or the HOA does its job and enforces the rules when homeowners break them), you avoid the problems that plague some neighborhoods, such as trash piling up in someone's yard, or poor maintenance of gardens and roads.
Your property value, based partly on neighborhood condition, should be stable. (At the height of the foreclosure crisis, however, some developments turned into ghost towns when values dropped precipitously or developers were unable to finish building the community.)